Listening, moving and deciding together in radically new ways.

Organising from Elsewhere is for anyone who has tried to change our toxic system, only to become burnt out by infighting, politics, and the failure to bring about real change. It’s for those who are curious about why our ways of organising fail – and what we can do to create new ways of moving and deciding together that empower us to bring about urgently needed change.

We want to open a debate about how our ways of organising shape and limit what our social movements can achieve.

We have written a white paper, produce a podcast and are planning a conference on organising in social movements.

We want to listen to and learn from non-western, indigenuous and marginalised traditions of organising.

We are doing radical ethnography and will build an immersive learning space for people to engage with it.

We want to build a space for new ways of organising to emerge that empower us to bring about fundamental change.

We are developing a programme for social movement organisations to discover, explore and apply new ways of organising.

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